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Welcome to Soundings, the Survey application. Below you will find a list of active surveys. Surveys that are restricted in some way will be marked.

Active Surveys

Preceptor Review Survey (Restricted)
Exploration of the role of Graduate Nursing Preceptor.

Nursing MSN End of Program Survey
MSN End of Program

2007-2008 New Faculty Orientation Program
The Office of the Provost would like to evaluate our New Faculty Orientation Program. Your responses will help us to improve our program offerings. During this program of orientation, socialization, and acclimation:

Emotional A (Restricted)
Thank you for completing this questionnaire. It should take about 5-10 minutes. I am a psychology graduate student who is studying how people remember every day events. The Yankees and Red Sox have played each other in a number of memorable American League Championship playoff games over the past few years. We want to see how well you remember two of these great games.

Mentoring Workshop
This workshop is being offered by the Latino Nursing Program

Quorum Student Survey (Restricted)
Poll conducted by Quorum on student opinions

CUA on Wall Street Survey
This is a survey for those who attended the recent CUA on Wall Street event. Please take a moment to answer the following questions to provide us with your feedback.

Business and Economics Undergraduate Survey
The Department of Business & Economics at CUA is considering launching a 1-year Masters degree in Business: a Master of Science in Business Analysis (MSBA). We are very interested in hearing your thoughts on this idea.

Canon Law Online Class Evaluation
Student experiences with Canon Law online courses.

Faculty Demographics Survey (Restricted)
Demographics survey for faculty members.

Business and Economics Alumni Survey
This is a research project on the impact of a CUA undergraduate business or economics degree on alumni careers.

Career Services - Electronic Job Board Inquiry
The Career Services Office is exploring the possibility of creating an electronic job board where members of the CUA community (faculty, staff and students) could post their need for students to fill short-term/quick case opportunities, and where students would post their availability. We envision babysitting, moving furniture, dog walking, house-sitting, any sort of short term job that might be feasible. Interested parties would then be able to contact each other to set up a working arrangement. We would like the university community to assist us in evaluating the need for this service. Please take a few moments to respond to this survey. We are hopeful of receiving your response by Friday, February 27th.

Traffic Study (Restricted)
Traffic Study

Autism Survey (Restricted)
A survey on Autism.

Student Services Survey
Student Services Survey - Metropolitan College - Spring 2009.

Short Internship Program Evaluation
The Counseling Center of The Catholic University of America conducts an intern evaluation.

Internship Program Evaluation 2009 (Restricted)
The Counseling Center of The Catholic University of America conducts an intern evaluation.

Nursing MSN End of Program All
Nursing - MSN End of program

Nursing - End of Program NP
NP End of Program Evaluation

Nursing - End of Program Public Community Health
Public/Community Health End of Program Evaluation

Nursing - End of Program CNS
CNS End of Program Evaluation

Nursing DNP End of Program All
DNP End of Program Evaluations

Nursing PhD End of Program All
PhD End of Program Evaluation

Skills Survey for CUA Web Site Contributors
This is a Web Content Editors Skills Survey to assess the computer skill level of survey takers.

Undergraduate Alumni Survey (Restricted)
Undergraduate Alumni Survey

Graduate Alumni Survey (Restricted)
Graduate Alumni Survey

Retention of Military Nurses Survey
The information collected by this survey will be used to assist in formulating policy to increase retention of nurses.

Short Internship Program Evaluation (new)
The Counseling Center of The Catholic University of America conducts an intern evaluation.

Engineering New Frontiers Student Survey
Survey for the students who attended Engineering New Frontiers.

2011 Dean Search Committee Stakeholder Survey (Restricted)
2011 Dean Search Committee Stakeholder Survey

DDOT Certificate/Training Classes

This Survey is provided by the Center for Intelligent Transportation and Infrastructure Sustainability (CITIS) at School of Engineering at the Catholic University of America (CUA) to find the most demanded classes and help us to design Certificate & Training programs efficiently.

A. Certificate Programs These certificates are exclusively designed and developed for DDOT to equip employees with the latest skills and knowledge in the following fields. The certificates are focus on three tracks:
(1) Transportation/ Traffic Engineering,
(2) Pavement/ Structural Engineering, and
(3) Engineering Management/ Information Technology.
In order to obtain a certificate in each track, one needs to complete 5 courses. All courses are 3 credit hours. The courses can also be combined with the existing classes at CUA to provide more options for employees.

B. Training Programs
The CITIS also offers training courses (no-degree). These classes are specifically developed for training of DDOT employees.

Courses are rotationally offered either at DDOT, off-campus or CUA-campus every Spring, Fall and Summer semesters.

STRS Incoming Student Questionnaire
STRS Incoming Student Questionnaire

2012 Senior Survey (Restricted)
Planning, Institutional Research, Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Student-Athlete Response Form
Please answer the following questions regarding your season that was just completed. Your individual responses will remain completely anonymous. Please be honest in your responses in order to help us best serve CUA student-athletes.

Clicker Registration Form
A brief data form for students using classroom clickers

VR-SASI-REV (Restricted)
Simple Activity Styles Inventory Revised