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Public/Community Health End of Program Evaluation

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As part of on-going quality improvement, the School of Nursing is asking you to rate how your MSN program prepared you in terms of the following AACN Public Health/Community Health Nursing competencies ( . Please note that each competency should be scored on a 1 to 5 scale, with 1 indicating that you do not feel you received adequate preparation in that area and 5 indicating you received excellent preparation in that area.
  Did not receive adequate preparation Preparation was somewhat adequate Preparation was adequate Preparation was more than adequate Received excellent preparation
Obtained knowledge as a foundation for practice on topic such as: public health core functions; cultural competence; communication principles and scope and standards of professional practice.
Applied developmental theories and concepts to advanced Public/Community Health Nursing Practice
Understand and have applied epidemiology and biostatistics to advanced Public/Community Health Nursing Practice.
Conduct community and environmental health assessments using appropriate methods and data sources.
Evaluate and utilize research methods in order to translate research into practice, and disseminate professional information
Incorporate strategies to improve public health such as consultation, collaboration, and coalition.
Understand theories and concepts relating to health promotion, disease prevention and risk reduction.
Understand leadership concepts and demonstrate professional leadership via professional development, expertise and professional creditability.
Obtained knowledge about health systems , organization and networks such as: health care financing, policy planning and global health.