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As part of on-going quality improvement, the School of Nursing is asking you to rate how your MSN program prepared you in terms of the following National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist’s competencies ( . Please note that each competency should be scored on a 1 to 5 scale, with 1 indicating that you do not feel you received adequate preparation in that area and 5 indicating you received excellent preparation in that area.
  Did not receive adequate preparation Preparation was somewhat adequate Preparation was adequate Preparation was more than adequate Received excellent preparation
Use knowledge of differential illness diagnoses and treatments in comprehensive, holistic assessments of patients within the contest of disease, diagnoses, and treatments.
Design, implement, and evaluate innovative individual and/or population based programs of care to achieve desired quality, cost-effective nurse-sensitive outcomes
Serve as leader/consultant/mentor/change agent in advancing the practice of nursing among other nurses and across organizations to achieve outcomes
Advance nursing practice through evidence-based interventions, best-practice guidelines, and modification of professional standards and organizational policies that direct the care of nursing personnel and other providers of healthcare to improve outcomes
Lead multidisciplinary groups to facilitate collaboration with other disciplines in the attainment of outcomes across the continuum of care
Interpret the dimensions of nursing care requiring resources at the system level, and provide leadership to assure that the system adequately supports the delivery of nursing care
Expand the practice of nursing through ongoing generation and acquisition of scientific knowledge and skills to maintain expert clinical competencies that leads to desired outcomes
Demonstrate professional citizenship and fiscal responsibility in the healthcare system by focusing on health policy and/or resource management to ensure quality, cost-effective outcomes of nursing care.