DDOT Certificate/Training Classes

This Survey is provided by the Center for Intelligent Transportation and Infrastructure Sustainability (CITIS) at School of Engineering at the Catholic University of America (CUA) to find the most demanded classes and help us to design Certificate & Training programs efficiently.

A. Certificate Programs These certificates are exclusively designed and developed for DDOT to equip employees with the latest skills and knowledge in the following fields. The certificates are focus on three tracks:
(1) Transportation/ Traffic Engineering,
(2) Pavement/ Structural Engineering, and
(3) Engineering Management/ Information Technology.
In order to obtain a certificate in each track, one needs to complete 5 courses. All courses are 3 credit hours. The courses can also be combined with the existing classes at CUA to provide more options for employees.

B. Training Programs
The CITIS also offers training courses (no-degree). These classes are specifically developed for training of DDOT employees.

Courses are rotationally offered either at DDOT, off-campus or CUA-campus every Spring, Fall and Summer semesters.

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*Employee's Full Name




Supervisor (Manager)






Please Select 5 Classes that You Like to Register in Your Certificate Program. (If you are not sure, please ask your supervisor/ manager to guide you to select the most appropriate ones).
Asphalt Pavement Preservation & Rehabilitation
Bridge Engineering and Theory of Structures
Civil Engineering Materials
Civil Engineering Project Management
Computer Methods of Structural Analysis
Construction Equipment and Methods
Construction Techniques
Decision Analysis
Engineering Ergonomics
Engineering Risk Management
Information Systems for Managers
Introduction to Engineering Management
Introduction to Scheduling
Introduction to Systems Analysis
Managerial Engineering Economics
Mechanics of Materials
Micro Station Software
Organizational Theory and Behavior
Pavement Analysis and Design
Pavement Management System
Planning and Control of Organizations
Project Estimating, Planning and Control
Project Management
Project Performance Measurement
Reinforced Concrete Design
Software Project Management
Strategic Management
Strategic Standardization
Technology Management
Traffic Engineering
Traffic Signal Design and Operation
Transportation Planning
Transportation Safety
Web-based Project Management


Please Select Training Class(es)
Bridge Inspection
Engineering Estimate
Micro Station Software
Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Access, Power Point
Microsoft Project (MSP)
Project Management
Synchro (Traffic signal design software)
Value Engineering
Work Zone


Wish Training List (if you don't see your desired course among training courses, please list them for the future offer)